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i would kill to be able to go to this.
dude. remind me why i have to study for AP's, again? this would be such a better way to spend my time.

then again i have a piano competition that weekend. but fffff i really love some of the bands that are playing.
- morrissey (oh my god. i would totally wear my the smiths shirt. SEEING HIM WOULD BE MINDBLOWING, GUYS)
- paolo nutini (he is really cute, shut up. and his music is ~comforting~)
- franz ferdinand (ulysses was my new favorite song a while back. haha i think thats an oxymoron)
- tv on the radio
- fleet foxes (so i haven't been able to get mykonos out of my head. ever)
- los campesinos

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i'm writing my research paper (its on lbj's foreign policy. blah), highlighting and not really processing information in my ap gov book, and putting off catching up on supernatural episodes because pauline ruined it for me. i am having such a proactive spring break, whoo.

PS. i got a bright blue bandana today! i've always wanted one and i've looked around everywhere, but there weren't any stores that were selling them. i am very pleased, now :)
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lion in a coma

been listening to a lot of:
         vampire weekend
         animal collective
         iron & wine
         regina spektor
         lupe fiasco

my entries get lamer and lamer, oops.
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- watched the antique bakery movie. i can't remember any of the character's names, but i can remember that i vehemently disliked the gay pastry chef with the glasses. he just really really annoyed me, for some reason. i think the cutest pairing from that whole four-way mess of UST would be the owner guy and his bodyguard. *g* domestic breakfast-eating, yayayay

- i get these weird spasms of intense pain every time i check teacherease. i have such asian standards when it comes to grades, but i don't have the asian willpower to work for them. bawww

- haven't been on tegaki for around 2 weeks now! (that's a lie, to be honest. i've drawn smth, posted, and then deleted 2 seconds later. ...but that doesn't count.)

- i am really getting into the merlin fandom, since everyone and their mothers seem to love it. at first the ridiculous CG'd monsters made me go 'what really' a lot, but once you get past all that, the homo gay is everywhere and its fantastic. also, the fandom is surprisingly extensive. also, colin morgan's accent makes me flail as much as it makes me cringe, simply because it sounds exactly like billy boyd's, which brings me back to the days of lord of the rings and my awkward 5th-grader-self.

- that said, i want a merlin icon. photoshop is open but i'm too lazy to get screencaps/get my tablet so that i can make cool color blobs and odd paisley designs to pass as texturing (see: luridly pink spektor icon), since i am now dependent on it and my touchpad can no longer measure up to my expectations. oh well

i will shut up now and go back to doing my parametric equations. bye!
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what the shit

so this article...

Boy Killed Anally When Office Chair Explodes

i wonder if its true. i take great pleasure in reading all the comments that say something like 'i'm sitting on a wooden barstool from now on!'

anyways. aside from that, i'm reading the count of monte cristo now. its so, so good. sadly i lost my neon green batman bookmark and i'm too lazy to make a new one so i'm being a bad person and dog-earing my pages. :x

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you are fly

Dear friends,

So today, I took the hetalia community off my flist and 3/4's of the entries disappeared, no joke. I am checking it for the first time in two months, so expect some random obnoxiously late commenting!

Anyways, this is my potential junior year schedule:

Humanities III Eng AP
Humanitites III US History AP
Calculus AB AP (what the fuck am i doing with this class. someone punch me for this.)
Chemistry AP
Euro History AP
Span IV Hon (ffff so boring)
Art III Hon

Ughhh. On the bright side, at least I'm not taking Physics AP! I hate everything related to math/logic/THINKINGbawwwhhaww so yeah, I don't know why I'm attempting calculus.

I also want to take Art III AP (and I'm pretty confident they'll let me in) but I just don't have room for it, since the requirement is to take it as a double credit (2 class slots), and my mom thinks that's a waste of space. Also apparently colleges like seeing 'continuity' with Spanish so I can't kick that out, even though I think its extremely boring. ):

Yeah, shut up. .............I'm such a little nerd, oh god. WHATEVZ, YOU GUYS, YOU CAN LAUGH AT ME NEXT YEAR WHEN I'M KICKING MYSELF FOR TAKING THIS SCHEDULE. At least I'm sticking to Art honors, or else I'd have a 100% AP schedule (yeah wtf. and shut up art is not an easy AP, you have to do this whole portfolio series shiz that is apparently very time-consuming).

I had a 5-day weekend this week yesssssss. ilu snow ;A:

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i am a lame-o

Okay, first off, THE OBLIGATORY NOTE OF APOLOGY: GUYS. GUYSSSSS. :( I'm sorry about being so MIA! I will make an effort to update more (lies "OTL). You guys are so ace, thank you for not completely defriending me. ;A; ♥

I've recently gotten into Tegaki (completely Lili's fault), and I'm mostly active there and I use it as a stress-relief/daily blog sort of thing (aka I vomit colors a lot and then press post), so if you really want you should go make one and be gay with me we can catch up! ♥

......okay what is this shit. sorry for the lame-ass entry. :|
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