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i would kill to be able to go to this.
dude. remind me why i have to study for AP's, again? this would be such a better way to spend my time.

then again i have a piano competition that weekend. but fffff i really love some of the bands that are playing.
- morrissey (oh my god. i would totally wear my the smiths shirt. SEEING HIM WOULD BE MINDBLOWING, GUYS)
- paolo nutini (he is really cute, shut up. and his music is ~comforting~)
- franz ferdinand (ulysses was my new favorite song a while back. haha i think thats an oxymoron)
- tv on the radio
- fleet foxes (so i haven't been able to get mykonos out of my head. ever)
- los campesinos

they even have DEVENDRA BANHART, okay. so yeah, i only know carmensita, but still. i actually understand half of the spanish in that song, and after that, it was stuck in my head for half a year. i have no clue how girl talk would work live, so i'd probably go see him. maybe he stands there and mixes? idkkk. but anyways, they've also got we are scientists and cloud cult, which are both bands i used to really love but not really anymore. also, LUPE FIASCO aaaaahh. aaah. ah.

and f, the killers. oh my god they will always remind me of 6th grade and mr. brightside, but i really really love them anyways.

if they added animal collective, vampire weekend, and regina spektor to this, it would be my favorite thing ever. more than it already is.

i'm writing my research paper (its on lbj's foreign policy. blah), highlighting and not really processing information in my ap gov book, and putting off catching up on supernatural episodes because pauline ruined it for me. i am having such a proactive spring break, whoo.

PS. i got a bright blue bandana today! i've always wanted one and i've looked around everywhere, but there weren't any stores that were selling them. i am very pleased, now :)

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