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like eating glass

so have you guys heard about the handley case? basically, its about a guy who was arrested for possessing manga that government officials believe to be obscene.

i agree with neil gaiman and basically everything he says about it here. i mean, really.

it pisses me off, because he's exactly right--in order for people to continue being able to read what they want to read, they'll have to accept other things that they may view as distasteful and want banned, since they cannot simply pick out specific things to be blacklisted and decree that everything else is a-okay. how could someone even begin to think that he/she can decide for everyone what is art and what is simply too obscene to be legal?

i'm not claiming to be knowledgable or worldly or anything of the sort, because i know i'm definitely not. i'm just saying, come on. ueskfjhkfsjhs it almost feels like it should be common sense, but apparently its not. it feels trite to say things like 'remember the first amendment, freedom of speech, etc etc etc!', but isn't that what it really comes down to, since the man being charged is a US resident? oh geez :|

perhaps you have all already heard about this and i'm just reiterating a point, but just wanted to get the word out. feel free to disagree.
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hetalia :B

ueskfjehkjfhs the tegakie server is down ): ): ): and i was even gonna try using it for the first time since i don't have photoshop on my new laptop until i remembered that it isnt working! ):

anywayssssss hetalia is REALLY AMAZING. i don't think i have a favorite nation since its a four-way tie between lithuania, poland, england and switzerland. and apparently a lot of people like russia but i think he's just a really big creep, and not in a good way. ...aaand probably because he's really mean to poland and lithuania uefsehkufhdsks no one is allowed to separate them ever, okay.

p.s. are they any good active communities for hetalia besides the main comm? 

p.p.s. ummm where are some good places to look for good hetalia icons? 
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break out the beatles!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ashkt AND peridium !

hope you guys had a good one~

oh, and i'm reading another palahniuk novel, its survivor this time. it's good, and i am super-curious about all these little tips and tricks he mentions in the book. i don't think its as good as lullaby or fight club though, since it seems he's just constantly driving in the whole existentialism thing every other sentence. but still, i am in awe: his writing is amazing, or at least i think so.
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silver never gets golder

Sarah -- I found out what the Prada Infusion cologne smells like and NOW I REALLY LIKE IT, TOO. It smells SO GOOD, no lie. I would be all over any guy that wears it, akjfdksd.

- I watched Donnie Darko, the Director's Cut. I thought it was a really brilliant movie. Someone flail about it with me!
- Finished this painting of purple mountains after working on it FOREVER (aka two months).
- Took the PSAT's, it was pretty hilarious because the practice test they gave us to take was a million times easier than the real thing. My writing score promises to be abysmal.
- Wonderland is this really unique fashion magazine that I found a few months back. I love how they use text, and I especially love love LOVE the photography and the finished effects of all the photoshoots.
- Finished reading Watchmen and Lord of the Flies. Both were definitely amazing. Now I'm reading Catcher in the Rye.
- I got my Girl Scout cookies 2 days ago, and they're seriously ALL GONE NOW. Ahahaha. :|

And sorry flist, about not being around LJ much! I feel like I apologize in every entry, but these days I'm seriously not feeling up to checking my flist, ever. I haven't been keeping up with anything fandom-related either because of school, real life, and all the rest of that boring crap. But seriously, though, I promise one day I will catch up!

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astro zombies

I always feel kind of :\ about posting all my complaints/rants/etc., because I feel like its not exactly interesting, and also because there are people, even on my flist, that have far worse shit to deal with. Anyways, I always like to think that its better to be optimistic and keep looking ahead. ♥ ( and wow, that's kind of hypocritical coming from me.)

And now here are some pictures that I took this weekend with my Canon!

Collapse )

There are actually a lot more pictures that I took just randomly experimenting, but I didn't feel like adjusting the colors to those. Also, I have a shitload of pictures from the Renaissance Festival, but those I took using the Auto setting, since I didn't want to miss something just because I had to fiddle with my camera settings first.

Hopefully I'll get more chances to practice!

Also, I was going to do that 30-question meme where you write people's usernames without writing out the questions, but being the moron I am, I accidentally deleted the message that ashkt  sent me with all the questions. :X
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this world isnt kind to little things

So what do you guys think of the new Bloc Party album? I like about half of the songs, and I don't really care for the rest. I especially ♥ Biko, idk why. Every time I hear it (its currently on repeat!), I think of him singing a lullaby to his daughter about how brave he thinks she is and how he wants to take her sickness away and it just askfjaskakjsd MAKES ME WANT TO CRY ;_________;
weekend to-do list!
→ Gov - pg. 158-172, notes
→ Precalc - pg. 28-29: #1-28 odd, #33-54 odd, worksheet: all
Chem - element clock
→ Span - Journal entry
→ Art - Profile sketch (20 min), due 9/3
→ Read more of Watchmen
→ Birthday present for Pauline
→ Exchange jacket (H&M makes ridiculous sizes. My arms don't fit into a size 2. :/)
→ Make Paolo icons~ 8D


I kind of go like :/ whenever I see Laurie appear in the art, because she's drawn really realistically (broad shoulders, thick arms, etc.). There's nothing wrong with it, exactly, but I guess I'm just not used to women being proportionately drawn? ..............aka too much manga in my formative years ahahahaha |D

My piano teacher left me with a optimistic tidbit as I was leaving from my lesson last week: "No matter how hard you feel this year is, just think about how hard junior year will be next year!"
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so one time at band camp........

i'm leaving for six weeks to texas, where i won't have internet connection
but i will be back august 9th. hope you all have an amazing summer. :)

if anything happens with my journal, its probably lili's (hbft90poo) doing, since she has my password. :|

so in that same vein (kind of), happy early birthday to my bb, roxal !
ilu kris, hope you have a good one. ♥
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bigbang art

Here's the cover art for vorpalblades ' AMAZING fic, Late Night Double Feature, written for spn_j2_bigbang . I'll link to her story once its posted, and I'm basically reccing everyone to read it, because its amazing and adorable and FAKJSHD go read it!

Collapse )

Since her fic was set in a movie cinema setting, I thought doing a movie poster was appropriate. The text at the bottom is very dorky, I know. :') And so I reiterate: if you read J2, you should definitely go read her fic! Also, look around the bigbang comm, because there's already a lot of amazing stories posted. ;)
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virgin moblie festival!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
^Should I go? General admission tickets are $97, which I think is outrageously expensive for concert tickets, but I am generally a pretty cheap person. But there are some people playing that I really want to see. For exampleeee:
           Bloc Party (♥♥!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
           Kanye West
           Lupe Fiasco
           Andrew Bird
           Jack Johnson
And I admit, I would pay 97 dollars JUST to see Bloc Party, lmao. But then there are also some other people playing that I sort of know? Like Bob Dylan and Paramore and Duffy. ...........Soooooo I'm kind of torn about it, since I really hate spending that much money on something that I don't know would be worth it. I could buy my tablet with 97 dollars!

Also, Death Cab for Cutie is playing tonight in at Merriweather! Some people are going, and my friend is going to buy me a shirt since I couldn't go (aka I'm studying for my math final nnnngsiuhfd) :'(